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The latest information "Silver Snow fantasy" first reported Vol.1

"Ready to go, Looking in the mirror cold and fantasy adventure! "

Dear Angel Ann ah! After Fu in the East China after the country's adventure is not already forgotten that the passionate angel mission? Oh go on, but this does not work! As angels we have a responsibility to maintain the beauty in this world.
This time, the angel academy received from the mirror world of a girl child Ka Fei emergency help, fear the devil Academy Headmaster Michael opportunistic rebellion, affecting one sector, immediately dispatched to the small angels, rescue operations! We are about the first time in February next year to carry out tasks in the mirror world, transmitted through the mirror into the mystery of the cold: ice mirror Kingdom!


A snow-covered earth! Yes, here is the mystery of the Kingdom of the ice mirror, the mirror of ice crystals, ice IPL, which reflects the country's magnificent fantasy; rely on the natural barrier was built, towering stands of huge castle, reveal a more noble and above the ice queen status of the world .
Haunted by evil desires, but because the Queen, making rebellion Monster four times of hardship, magnificent castles, became the Kingdom of the best satire dying …

"Staggered minus actual situation adventure! "

New piece of mirror in the adventure, is the other side of the mirror to save the mysterious world of raging against the Monster. Fu Hua in the country with the original Monster killing angels pickets, decided to mirror the mysterious world rushed to help the girl child Ka Fei to restore order in the world, but also to ensure that every corner of the world will not be a threat to the devil academy! Should be very curious little angels, in the end the mysterious mirror world come from? To learn more detailed context, the following order on the Commissioner by the angel of the story reported, and lead us into the mystery of the mirror in the world!

A light to illuminate the darkness of oblivion of the cave throughout the year, suddenly appeared at the end of a giant mirror, the mirror constantly smell of fine snow, making the floor covered with a layer of light frost, a girl named Fei Jia children came out of the mirror , in various places to find the risk-takers willing to help her.

The other end of the original mirror has a mysterious world, as the snow-covered year-round, dominated by the ice queen of the, Kerry is the child Fei Imperial High Priest. The Queen has a very fine hand carving, the true seal of evil devil's mirror, through the mirror, she was able to view and resolve in the size of things around, everyone in the gentle and kind-hearted Queen rule, life is very happy.

But all in-coming visit of a man changes, leading to moderate snow and ice queen suddenly shut down the city's cable car, she smashed the mirror of truth, the devil they have been released, absorbing the forces of evil mirror debris flying into the country, All organisms are exposed to become the Monster, the world into chaos. In order to save the world, Fei Jia child transmission of the mirror to the Garden of Eden with the mainland, Headmaster heard the report, worry about it again, and the devil academy, he immediately ordered the little angels ready, ready to enter the mysterious world, a mirror explore what, let laughter come again upon the earth in the white!

"Frozen adventure mirror world, a strong debut soon! "

New piece of information to determine the file! Means that a new scene, but the tyranny of the new enemies, new weapons and equipment, hot and more interesting interesting new system also will release the next revision in, it can not wait to experience the Hello! Angels from the serious and responsible Commissioner is also planning to open this week with the latest information reported, little angels, please remember to return to his alma mater at any time, pay attention to the latest information on bulletin boards Oh! We next see!

The latest information "Silver Snow fantasy" first reported Vol.2

"Fantasy of endless snow monster to wreak havoc, cold full attacks"

Dear little angels Ann ah! Since the revision of the news release on the back, the little angels who must struggle for the future of adventure, excitement excited now! Yes! This time, hard angel picket, twists and turns, finally brought us some important enemy chatter!

Aurora family of reindeer from the mouth said, lurking around the ice mirror Kingdom, mysterious snow monster is endless raging, laden with the power of cold and frost, few people can out of their murderous scheme. These powerful snow monster, what is superhuman, or petite evil? Must be a good little angels remember, learn new faces of the enemy, lest plot attacks by Oh!


Wow! These little angels are coming to face the new enemy ah! Not want to catch a few cute and lovable baby home collection snowball it?
Players have to be careful, these ice monsters all equipped with special skills, the slightest mistake would be seriously injured, but Oh!
Transmitted into the mysterious future of the mirror, please have all the little angels taut nerves, every step, not by Monster who attack Oh!

"A brand new fantasy world silver snow will gradually revealed! "

First appearance of the monster who has to get enough of the little angels feel it?

See the colorful and delicious ice cream sundae is not want to eat one ah? Meng Meng deer were half that looks lovely, really he is reluctant to attack it! Baby penguin is not blankly look no threat?


Oh but do be careful! Evil is always hidden in a simple trap, the more beautiful and lovely creature, usually the more vicious vicious yo! Little Angels in the next adventure trip be sure to be careful!


The next day, Commissioner Angel will continue to disclose all information about the new hot piece of information! In the next week, we will launch on new weapons, armor, armor and other equipment, the appearance of the throne first-hand reports, I would urge passing through Little Angels Do not miss it!

The latest information "Silver Snow fantasy" first reported Vol.3

"Ice Mirror Xuanqi, swirling snow shadow, ice-cold fashion Duplex to heart."

All you little angels Ann ah! After reading the last enemy battlefield, everyone is feeling excited, can not wait to go to war the enjoyment of the Kingdom of the ice mirror it?

Hey - As the saying goes, we must first sharpen his tools! Want to ride four, it must hand-pick the magic weapon said it! This time, the angel brought extremely valuable members picket the "cold" weapons and equipment, illustrations, new shape, absolutely beyond your imagination! These ice crystals around the exterior of the equipment is not only superior, but also provides more little angels are more hard-fighting ability, let us quickly to check it out!


"Silver Snow fantasy" new image map mounts

Wow ~ miss riding a chinchilla pilot four Xianhuang ah! Blue ice, with the fur elements, these new equipment have their own characteristics, both stylish and bold fashion! Little Angels is not felt "cold" struck out?

Do not worry - a new piece of information on the official file, everyone can enjoy these gorgeous beautiful new weapons and equipment it!


"Silver Snow fantasy" image map new weapons

"Kingdom of the ice lens panoramic tour, the new system, new fun, gorgeous bloody adventures."

Ice covered roads in frost, frozen needles everywhere, silhouetted against the precarious ice mirror Kingdom; sometimes the sun through the sky, giving the world the Kingdom of Crystal brilliant! Lofty castles and sacred, how the clouds cover the top, evil gas overflowing? !


"Silver Snow fantasy" appearance of the image map of new equipment

The next round of reports, will lead the little angels walk the Kingdom of the ice mirror scene style, I believe, introduced through the guide, the little angels who will not get lost Hello! There you most looking forward to the new system, introduced a new copy, will be the next issue of exposure chatter! Is not excited excited about it! ? Remember to come back a lot of attention to bulletin boards Oh! Little Angels See you next time we have!

The latest information "Silver Snow fantasy" first reported Vol.4

"You travel with a stunning new illusion! "

Hello! Ann you little angels ah! Recently, the angel academy life counseling group, received the kingdom from the ice mirrors the mysterious girl letter Ka Fei children. Sealing residual burning red blood, is very much uneasy ah! Dean of Students hold up their letter openers quickly, cleanly draw, the show faith: "The Kingdom of Ice Mirror confidential Map - Fei Jia pen children."

Jia Fei children feel … the name is filled youthful dream girl! Really curious what she looks like it long (blush). Can not help but smell a seal of blood, Hey … this is the paste sauce the taste! Is the so-called floating in rivers and lakes, how can we avoid the knife ah! This time Dean of Students perform a scene from Biao give you a little angel laughed at it! To! Let us quickly scattered the map, look at all regions of the Kingdom of the ice mirror detailed style it! (Point map can enlarge yo!)

Mori pinnata


Magic Mirror Maze


Lake ice


Snowball Village


IPL cave


Minus Market


Silverwing cable car station


Wow! Kingdom of all kinds of mirror gorgeous ice building up numerous dome igloo lovely, more mysterious and hidden caves with IPL castle, and many rock swinging cable car, and more beautiful scenery fantasy scenery, then, little angel We must make good personal travel some Oh!

"Eternal gods trials: the Tower of Olympus"

[] The transmission of light and elegant

Hey! Finally to the little angels are most looking forward to the new system introduced revised it! This data sheet revision, in addition to many of the new system to increase the game, but also introduced the convenience of the "delivery" service! Designated to carry props as long as the little angel, you can always enjoy the fast delivery service, traveled around the world, Oh! Development of literary talent [wit]

In addition, Academic Affairs Office Angels you to examine the wisdom and knowledge, a specific time little angels will be invited to the "temple of knowledge", a grand quiz activities, as long as the outstanding performance of small angels, wise beyond will be huge Awards Oh! Not wait to show their wit react?

[Attack] on the Tower of Olympus

If the answering system is a test of wit angel of knowledge and wisdom, that "the Tower of Olympus" is grateful to the god to test the courage of angel Hello! "Tower of Olympus" - the appearance of the tower is full of mystery, stationed between floors Monster countless army, is vested with great success the powerful BOSS waiting for little angels to challenge it! Inter-team contest to show speed and technology, and a race against time; powerful BOSS on each floor of the heads, countless brave the card, you, dare to take it?


"Zhiyong ice insurance, to the enjoyment of battle! "

The girl child in Ka Fei's sent in the envelope sandwich and found a roll of old "Ice Magic Castle" map, guidance counselor, this horror books to Michael Headmaster. So valuable front-line news, let us hasten to look at it!


Ice Magic Castle rely on the natural barrier was built, since ancient times that is easily defended, but the city has a reputation as the first fantasy!

In the past, every tea time, the people of the Kingdom of the ice mirror, the sun always shine through, a glimpse of the Kingdom of IPL flown in the holy city.

Na ice queen standing in the power of the embankment silk top, suddenly closed the cable car leading to frost castle, smash the mirror the real, plunged the world into chaos, ice castle has become a monster four from channeling, ghastly " Ice Magic Castle "!

Old maps show, Ice Magic Castle is divided into four regions:

(1) long and narrow , "Castle Gallery," is to enter the castle, the only way access to other rooms, endless narrow corridor, there are countless monsters in this epidemic, people feel endless despair. How to pass the test of this gallery, one step closer to the core of power it? Only rely on you little angels bloody struggle without mercy all the monsters, and get the key to open the "confinement animal room" door.

(2). "confinement animal house" , located in the back garden, left the castle, like outdoor scenes style. The area has a strong attack monsters, must kill the monster little angels made ​​"Magic Flute" and play to be put under house arrest and the magic of the faithful guard - "On non-de monster ice tree" wake up Oh!

(3). "buildings shadow cellar" in the top of the castle corridor, this area of the monster has more special abilities, little angels beware ah! Little Angels must spread on the ground in the mirror, look for an ice dragon Xi Gelin was killed by innocent people in order to open the cellar door, with the powerful magic of the Dragon King to man the battle field!

(4). "After the ice chamber" Ice Magic Castle is located in the deepest need to enter through the palace steps, little angels down "ice tree monster amphetamine Stewart" and "Ice Dragon King Xi Gelin", the ladder channel will open, enter, you must in a narrow space, to resist the invasion of a number of Monster made ​​"Torch" and in particular the front of the mirror through the refraction of light "ice queen Na embankment wire" the bedroom door, the foot long way to go ultimate slayer of the road!

"Mirror radiance, silver snow country besieged! "

Scattered around the true mirror, making the number of rapid explosion Monster army!

In the little angels ready to go, about to go on the eve of the Kingdom of the ice lens, a day early hours, a good exercise to enhance their strength in preparation for a more powerful enemy it! The next round of reports, the angels who valiantly picket, will bring new tasks of intelligence, as well as the professional introduction of new magic moves! From time to time to remember to come back to see the information on the bulletin board Oh!

The latest data "silver snow illusion first reported Vol.5

"Holy Mans surprise, the glory of reproduction, the new skills Spring exposure "

"Packed with colorful ~ God of Wealth to the doorstep ~ tapping pound!"

OH! YA,! You little angels, all the New Year Well! Bid farewell to such as moving from rabbits last year ushered in a more lively New Year! We have no new goals dream to achieve? Quickly a good plan!

Heard recently angels pickets are hard to clean-up, he saw the magic school and fighting professor who constantly brandish never seen gestures; gestures actually holy Mount overflowing, even peek in the side of the little angels, such as Mu glory!

All of a sudden, the cover of darkness ridge, Mirage surprise, such as the pentagram-like proliferation. Angel pickets flee run away, the excitement has yet to heal. So powerful magic skills, be sure to rush through the transmission of mirror "before the Society of Let's preview it!


Too cool it! So elegant facial magic moves, if after all can not see how to do ah ah ah … little angels is not the future in the Kingdom of the ice mirror "adventure challenge more confidence in it? Do not worry! Is about to meet with you Hello!

"Tears of Dawn. Miss boundless. Hatred is also monstrous! "

Usher in the New Year's time, ushered in a new mission! Imperial High Priest of the Kingdom of the ice mirror "Fei children Kerry, letter to the angel academy Hello! Described in the epic story of four neurotic, and the fierce urgency of rescue operations; the life of the Dean of Students decided this urgent letters published in advance, so that the little angels every precaution necessary.

Hey! New year Little Angel must never slacken efforts in the bright winter sun, to meet the warm spring, ready to melt the cold and snow.!

"Shuttle in towering clouds of the summit of Olympus! "

[Silver snow illusion] fantasy adventure is waiting for the little angel! About to down a heavy responsibility, the next round of reports will be detailed analysis of the release of the new system introduced this piece of information, the three new systems: "the Tower of Olympus "," light sent "and" witty exhibition literary talent .

Is very much looking forward to the little angel and all over the world, a more mental compete? Or more like the first to set foot on the summit of the legendary Olympus? We wait and see!


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