Season 4.5: The Dawn of Jurassic Park

ALO Season 4.5 menceritakan sebuah dunia masa lampau. Di belahan dunia lain dari Eden Mainland, masih terdapat daratan yang belum terjamah oleh peradaban modern. Berbagai artefak hidup, bahkan dinosaurus pun belum punah! Namun seperti biasa, Demon School menemukan akses rahasia menuju dunia tersebut. Para antek Demon School menjadikan makhluk" langka yang ada menjadi budak" mereka.



Garden of Eden dapat diakses melalui portal di tengah Dragon Cemetery. Level minimum yang direkomendasikan minimal 115.

Whats New?

Quest baru, termasuk quest utama.

Level Cap:
Maksimum level untuk patch map ini adalah 170.

Map baru:
terdapat 7 map baru dan 1 instant map, disediakan bagi Alovers yang haus akan petualangan baru :D




Monster baru:


New Skill lvl 126 dan 145 !:

Akan ada 18+ skill baru untuk lvl diatas 120 yang dapat membantu Alovers menjelajahi dunia baru tersebut :D

Image Level Skill Job Nama Definisi
20100505_08.jpg 126 Life Rejection of the wall By the Light shield formed to build, can bounce some magic damage; on the king-class creatures.
20100505_10.jpg 145 Life Brilliant intensive care The glorious gift of the holy gods, make a friendly target within the limitation period in enhancing the upper limit of HP and offset physical and magic damage ability.
20100505_12.jpg 126 Necro Summon demon Summon powerful demons to help owners combat.
20100505_14.jpg 145 Necro Cover demons prison Call Underworld lightning, coating the surrounding space, causing heavy damage. At the same time hell deep gas will erode the soul, so be strong within the target continued to hurt.
20100505_16.jpg 126 Chaos Magic ring The opening of the magic caster will continue to release the magic array, the effect of time, can improve themselves and their teammates in the MP within the upper limit of ability and magic damage.
20100505_18.jpg 145 Chaos Chain Lightning Sent a powerful lightning bolt, random jumps within and among all objective harm.
20100505_20.jpg 126 Earth Reiki circle Effect of time to accelerate its own HP and MP recovery speed.
20100505_22.jpg 145 Earth Death mire Regionalization for the death of the target mire, there are bound within the target probability, also sustained damage caused strong.
20100505_24.jpg 126 Fencing Firm But Gentle volley The magic focus on the blade, lacking natural cleavable The Firm But Gentle to damage distant targets. Effect of time series moves to enhance Pu Gong and Jian slightly increase the range and attack speed.
20100505_09.jpg 145 Fencing 御剑 Po Jun Driven to the front of the firing numerous sword, within the target farther away from the caster, the higher the bonus damage. When more than 8 cells from injuries doubled.
20100505_11.jpg 126 Axe Hammer Roaring impact Roar into the wild spread to the surrounding shock wave. Within the objectives of their own damage.
20100505_13.jpg 145 Axe Hammer Tornado Tornado Hand ax hammer full rotation, a strong centrifugal force to produce storm, there likely will be dragged around within the target. Caster level with the goal of the larger gap, the higher success rate. Below the target level 20 or above is invalid.
20100505_15.jpg 126 Spear Tough fight Encouragement of the target by encouraging the target will inspire high morale, increase HP upper limit.
20100505_17.jpg 145 Spear 银枪 flash China The hands of the spear cast, into the silver light through the front. All the targets on the line to cause significant harm.
20100505_19.jpg 126 Arrow-Attack 箭雨 prison Arrows shot down around the goal to form a powerful black hole. In addition to damage to all targets within the outside, and there is risk of causing significant reduction in movement speed.
20100505_21.jpg 145 Arrow-Attack Blast Improving Connected Crossbows Targeted for wild fire, causing multiple injuries on a single target. Hit rate would be counter-effect chain tactics. Wang-level monsters hurt half.
20100505_23.jpg 126 Kinjutsu Surprise The physique melting in the dark. Effect of time, to enhance the success rate of the assassination, the assassination of power; and to reduce the cast time of stealth.
20100505_25.jpg 145 Ninjutsu Cloned raid Instantly conjures up countless cloned surprise, within the target on the outside chance of causing significant harm to launch fixed body, unable to move, if attacked, the spell effect will immediately disappear.

Equipment baru

002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg


Backpack, Shield & Cloak:
005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg

Mount & Robo:

New System: Sistem Prestasi!


-to be added later-


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