Character Consumeable
Picture Item Name Price
(Angel Coin)
Effect Duration Picture Item Name Price
(Angel Coin)
Effect Duration
atk-scroll.jpg High Attack Scroll 3 +350 Attack 30m flickr:5128313350 High Attack Scroll 30 +350 Attack 30m
def-scroll.jpg High Defense Scroll 3 +350 Defense 30m flickr:5128313378 High Defense Scroll 30 +350 Defense 30m
flickr:5128256274 High Magic Attack Scroll 3 +280 Magic Attack 30m flickr:5128313394 High Magic Attack Scroll 30 +280 Magic Attack 30m
flickr:5128313330 High Magic Defend Scroll 3 +280 Magic Defend 30m flickr:5128313420 High Magic Defend Scroll 30 +280 Magic Defend 30m
atk-scroll.jpg Attack Scroll 1 +200 Attack 30m flickr:5128313350 Attack Scroll 10 +200 Attack 30m
def-scroll.jpg Defend Scroll 1 +200 Defense 30m flickr:5128313378 Defend Scroll 10 +200 Defense 30m
flickr:5128256274 Magic Attack Scroll 1 +160 Magic Attack 30m flickr:5128313394 Magic Attack Scroll 10 +160 Magic Attack 30m
flickr:5128313330 Magic Defend Scroll 1 +160 Magic Defend 30m flickr:5128313420 Magic Defend Scroll 10 +160 Magic Defend 30m
flickr:5127702379 SP Energy Scroll 1 Increase 2 SP Bar - flickr:5128256366 SP Energy Scroll 10 Increase 2 SP Bar -

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