We would like to thank you to:

*UserJoy Ltd for making Angel Love Online (ALO), a full of joy online game :D.

*Wave Wahana Wisesa for licensing ALO in Indonesia.

* for making this user friendly wiki engine. Making a wiki will be more easier than ever :D

*AoiMasamune, for making the AO tools (PakRipper and SHP Viewer) for extracting the game data and share it freely, so our team could continue completing this Wiki more easier than before. We greatly appreciate you effort for making those tools. God Bless You. :D

*AO Wikidot ( for hosting Aoi's AO Tools. We look forward for possibility support each other :D

*Levantz aka Wen Xiong, for making and maintaining the CSS so this Wiki looked more better than ever :D

*Leganoor aka ko Xie, as Illustrator and Author of Wiki logo and some image in this wiki.

*GuX, for contributing and completing the Card section, thank you so much!

*GM's, for helping and sharing the image for Card section.

*ALO players who've contribute lots of item either sharing it at official forum or email:
* Felyanto
* Kirey
* Nobody
* Niko
* Lykouleon

*Last but not least, You, who have reading, and searching about ALO in this wiki :D

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